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As a Senior NetSuite ERP Consultant at WebUnite, you will play a pivotal role as a Solution Architect in overseeing the entirety of NetSuite implementation projects. Your responsibilities will encompass leading these projects from inception to completion, ensuring that our clients’ sophisticated business needs are effectively met.

In the role of Senior Social Media Consultant at WebUnite, you will be instrumental in developing and executing innovative social media strategies to enhance brand presence and engagement. Your expertise will guide the creation of compelling content, manage multiple social media platforms, and analyze performance metrics to optimize reach and impact. Your leadership will be key in steering the social media team towards achieving our clients’ diverse marketing goals.

As a Content Writer at WebUnite, your primary role will be to craft engaging and informative content. You will be responsible for producing well-researched, original content that aligns with our brand and audience interests. Your contributions will include writing news press releases, blog posts, articles, website copy, and social media content. Collaboration with our marketing and design teams is essential to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand message. Importantly, knowledge and experience in the home improvement industry will be considered a significant asset. Your creativity and writing skills are key to boosting our online presence and engaging with our audience effectively.

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