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How to growyour business withcustomer financing?

Customer financing is a strategy businesses use to increase sales and customer loyalty by allowing customers to enroll in a payment plan to purchase goods or services. This concept is particularly relevant for high-priced items, where the upfront cost might deter potential buyers.

WebUnite offers a comprehensive suite of services to help stores implement customer financing effectively. Our services are tailored to guide businesses through each critical step of the process, ensuring that the customer financing program aligns well with your unique needs and goals.

Why Us?

Stage 1

Assess Your Business Needs

Inventory Analysis

We work with you to analyze your inventory, focusing on the type and price of products to determine the suitability of customer financing for your business.

Business Model Evaluation

Our team assesses your business model to see how customer financing could fit into your existing sales and marketing strategies.

Stage 2

Choose a Financing Program

Selection of Suitable Programs

We offer a range of financing programs, each with different features and terms, to help you select the one that best matches your business structure and customer demographics.


Depending on your specific needs, we can provide customized solutions, tailoring the financing options to suit both you and your customers.

Stage 3

Evaluate the Impact

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A key service we provide is helping you conduct a detailed cost-benefit analysis to understand the financial implications of implementing customer financing.

Risk Assessment

We also assist in evaluating potential risks, such as the impact on cash flow or the costs associated with the financing program.

Integration Support

We provide technical support to integrate the financing program seamlessly with your existing sales and payment systems.

Training & Education

We offer training for your staff on how to manage and promote the financing options to customers effectively.

Ongoing Consultation

Continuous support and consultation are part of our services, helping you adjust your financing options as your needs evolve.

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